Year  (1995)
ENTHRALL is formed in a local high school, Bangalore, with the following line-up in place – Rahul Sunderajan (Vocals), Vishal Shekar (Guitars),Vinodh Nicholas (Guitars), Timothy Thomas (Bass), Naveen Arali (Drums,Vocals). Rahul Sunderajan exits, to make way for Neil Rego(Vocals, Guitar). The band decides that HeavyMetal would be their genre of choice, covering songs from the catalog of Heavy Metal Idols-Iron Maiden, Metallica, Megadeth Motorhead, Sepultura.

Year (1996-2000)
   Timothy Thomas exits. Vishal takes over Bass duties.The band carries on as a  quartet, with the following line-up: Neil Rego (Vocal, Guitars),Vinodh Nicholas (Guitars),Vishal (Bass), Naveen (Drums,Vocals). After a wide search for adding a unique lead vocalist to the ranks, Umesh is drafted in as a Lead Vocalist.

  ENTHRALL plays Semi-Pro competitions in the local college circuit festivals and is hailed by well know professional Metal bands, such as Millenium, for being a young talented band, having amazing musicianship. ENTHRALL composes their first set of originals: David and Goliath, and,  Infernal Horizon.  The songs are performed Live, garnering  rousing appreciation at shows.Vishal exits from the band. The band is joined by Avy Arali (Guitars) and Neil takes over Bass duties.
ENTHRALL performs their last show in November 1999 and goes on a hiatus, due to personal commitments.


Year (2002-2006)
After  nearly a two- year hiatus, Neil,Vishal, and, Naveen,  get in contact with each other and come to a consensus to resurrect the band. After a short period of deliberation, Naveen suggests the names of two students from his local college. Pranav Murthy (Guitars) and Arjun N (Keyboards) join the band. The completed line up-Neil Rego (Vocals, Guitars), Pranav Murthy (Guitars), Vishal Shekhar(Bass), Arjun N (Keyboards), Naveen Arali (Drums,Vocals).

   ENTHRALL expands its repertoire of original songs, with the element of Progressive Metal. The band sets off in captivating audiences, during various shows in the local circuit.
ENTHRALL goes into the studio to record a Demo and no sooner, follows-up with recording their debut album, the Progressive Metal masterpiece, “Infernal Horizon”. The album garners rave reviews, as well as “radio play” on several Internet radio stations, worldwide.
Naveen and Arjun decide to pursue academic degrees in the United States of America, which leads to a temporary break-up of the band.

Year (2007-Present)
   Neil, Pranav, and,Vishal decide to continue the band as a trio.N eil takes over Drum duties. The completed line up-Neil Rego(Vocals, Drums), Pranav Murthy(Guitars), Vishal(Bass). The band performs at several shows in the local circuit, still continuing with the momentum of a power-packed performance. Personal commitments to their jobs and young families, convince Pranav and Vishal to leave the band.

   Meanwhile, prominent Independent Heavy Metal Record Label in Greece, METALFIGHTERS, whose curiousity and interest is sparked by the excellent songs from ENTHRALL, decide to offer a contract. By acquiring a heart felt “go-ahead” from Arjun, Vishal, Naveen, and, Pranav, Neil signs with the label as a solo artist, keeping the title ENTHRALL.

Neil  goes into the studio to record an album, composed by himself in entirety. He is assisted by featured stellar musicians-Pranav Murthy(Guitars), Suraj Dutt(Guitars), Max Warnby(Guitars), Varun Sood(Drums).
Album “THROES OF FIRE” is to be revealed on December 01 2011.